Artificial Attachments and Makeup will End You Up in Hell!

Artificial Attachments and Makeup will End You Up in Hell!


Please don’t take this lightly.Our Lord Jesus Christ doesn’t take it lightly.
The Lord Jesus Christ said He doesn’t want His daughters wearing makeup,trousers,indecent clothes,painting nails,lips etc,using artificial hair,perming their hair,wearing jewelry.
He doesn’t want them looking like the world.
He created you beautiful.

The Lord said,”stop changing what I ve created.If you want those things so much,why don’t you make your own humans and put them on them?stop changing what I ve created.”
The Lord also doesn’t want men to do all these things either,or to sag their trousers,do funny shades in their hair cuts,dress indecently or look worldly.
That’s what He said about using these things and He said all those using them are on their way to hell unless they repent.

Some people have been condemning me for delivering this message,when the Lord Jesus Christ visited me on Sunday two weeks ago.
I was chatting with Him from around midnight to after 3 am in the morning.
I told Him about this,about people’s reaction.
The Lord’s answer to me was,
“My daughter,speak what I've told you to say.”So don’t think the Lord will take it lightly.
There was a place where I was called to testify about what the Lord showed me about hell,I didn’t mention this part. The Lord Jesus Christ really rebuked me for that. He told me,”what are you doing?you are telling these people about hell,but they will still endup in hell anyway,because you are not telling them the whole truth.”
The Lord said I had to make things right,I must never ever omit the part where He warns about all these things whenever am testifying of what He showed me.
Its that important to Him.
Heed the warnings of the Lord.
Escape hell,Jesus Christ died for you.
1Peter 3:3-4,1Timothy 2:9,Genesis 35:1-4,Exodus 33:5-6
Note that its not only stopping to use these things that ll save you.
You must accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour,repent from all your sin,and follow Him only.
The Lord emphasized to me that we must keep our eyes on Him only,not on other people.
Prepare because Jesus Christ is coming.

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