Rachael and Conrad Frees a Woman Possessed By Hair Attachment Demons!

Rachael and Conrad Frees a Woman Possessed By Hair Attachment Demons!


By Rachael Mushala and Bethuel Conrad

On saturday,4/4/15, I delivered the message the Lord Jesus Christ gave me concerning makeup,jewelry,artificial hair etc and the Lord Jesus Christ Himself proved it to the people that what He had told me to tell them was true.
I was supposed to go and deliver this message to them on a Thursday during a prayer service but when I attended the Saturday prayer service,the Lord Jesus Christ told me,”you have to tell them what I told you even today because there’s someone here who’s about to die and they ll die with these things and go to hell.”

Preaching Against Jewelry, Artificial Hair and Makeup 

So I told the minister that Jesus wanted me to deliver the message that very day.
He allowed me to speak to the people and I told them,”the Lord Jesus Christ said I should tell you He doesn’t want women to wear trousers,indecent clothes,makeup,jewelry,perm hair,use artificial hair,paint in any way,or the men to sag their trousers,do funny shades in their hair,perm their hair,wear jewelry etc.He said those things don’t please them and He doesn’t want any of them on His children.He told me to tell you to remove those things.”
So I delivered this message and gave them the verses.

The Demons Had Infested the Woman Through Her Hair Attachments

After service, we all were outside greeting each other when the minister told me that there was a lady whom he wanted me to pray for because she was sick. So I went back in and found the lady.
I got her hand and began praying for her,but as soon as I started praying, she jumped up, fell to the floor and began to manifest,she was demon possessed. I started casting out the demons.
They were screaming and saying,”we want her dead,we must kill her.”
So she was the lady who was supposed to die in sin and go to hell like the Lord had said.
Jesus Christ told me it was because of her hair and that as soon as we remove the artificial hair,the demons would leave.

So I told the ministers who were there what the Lord had told me. They tried to anoint the hair with anointing oil but the demons refused to go. I told them the Lord said the artificial hair must be cut off. The demons started saying,” we want to go.But first we must carry what belongs to us.We must carry this hair.” Then while still manifesting,the lady began pulling the artificial hair off. The ministers found a razor and began cutting the artificial hair off.
The moment the last piece was removed,the demons left! And the Lord said if she ever puts those things on again the demons ll come back and ll even be more and their mission is to kill her so she goes to hell.

God Confirms His Word Regarding Jewelry, Artificial Hair and Makeup

The Lord said He wanted this to be a confirmation to these people that the message He gave me for them was true.
Praise the Lord who always confirms His word. This topic is really close to the Lord’s heart and that’s why He wanted the people to have a confirmation. If you still use all these things,the Lord is reaching out to you in this message.
Repent and turn to Jesus Christ,hell is real and Jesus told me all these things ll lead you to hell.

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